SEO For Small & Medium Businesses

Why we’re here:

Simply put, to help you achieve your business objectives online. Whether that’s leads, sales or increased revenue.

What is SEO?

SEO (also know as Search Engine Optimisation) is simply the art of increasing exposure via the search engines. If you’re not found in on the first page of the search results then you’re missing out on 98% of the traffic that searches for that term. The whole point of SEO is to rank as high as possible for your keyword and hope to obtain the most converting traffic.

What it also does is:

  • Increase revenue over time

  • Decrease your customer acquisition costs (marketing costs)

  • Improve the reach of your brand

Why You Should Do SEO 

Many of the worlds largest brands in the world rely on organic search traffic to bring in visitors and sales. In fact for some it can make up over 50% of their total revenue. For you as a small to medium sized business in the UK it means increasing your revenue or leads. Frankly if your business relies solely on offline marketing or has a weak online presence you’re majorly missing out on opportunity.

Every single visitor coming through the search engine is qualified as they’re searching for a product or service. This means you’re likely to convert and generate revenue through this channel (if done correctly).


  1. Audit – The initial audit of the website is to really dig in and see whether you’re sending relevancy signals to Google. There are many mistakes websites make to the untrained eye. Thankfully Digresults look at these and give recommendations. In this process we’ll sit you down and explain why your competitors may be ranking above you.
  1. Research – In the research section we’ll come away with some good ideas for implementation and do keyword research. During this period we’ll find keywords that we think will convert and map them to your current pages or pages we think you should have.

  1. Competitor Analysis – This is the stage where we get to see why the competitors are ranking where they are. The traffic they might be receiving and what we can do to push your business past them. As well as this, competitor analysis can sometimes provide an opportunity to include pages you previously hadn’t thought of.
  1. Marketing – Marketing is the stage where we will have compiled our knowledge on your website and your competitors, and really get down to work. We will conduct campaigns to push exposure for your brand, keywords and important pages. This is an ongoing phase that will bring most of the growth for your business but take the most time.
  1. Analytics & Reporting – Reporting will be held on a monthly basis and will be used to track growth of organic traffic and website revenue/goals. We will also have a note of everything achieved that month and plan in what needs to be done for next month.

Note:  Since SEO is a long term investment it takes 6 months for an average campaign to see progress through the results. However, reporting monthly will ensure that any wins we do receive will influence decisions for the month after.

  1. Ongoing Consultation – Through Digiresults not only will you have all of the above but you will have ongoing consultation over the months. Ted Parry the founder has had experience consulting with large brands before and is more than happy to provide insights into your business as we work through our relationship. At the end of the day, your success is our success.

Why Do SEO With Digiresults? 

We’d love you to see the value that we offer and hope that you do.  However If you still want that extra idea of what you’ll be getting … see below:

  • Years of experience in SEO

  • Access to expensive SEO Industry tools

  • Experience with brands large and small

  • Proven results for competitive keywords

  • Ongoing Consultation of Key Performance Indicators

  • Agency like value for much lower costs

How To Contact Us? 

If you like the sound of our proposal (and we hope you do) then there are a variety of ways to get in touch.

Option 1 Phone Call (Preferred) 


Option 2 Email 

Option 3 Twitter