Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing For Small Businesses

Why we’re here: Simply put, to help you achieve your business objectives online. Whether that’s leads, sales or increased revenue.

What is PPC? PPC (also know as Pay Per Click) is simply the art of finding what your ideal customers search for and placing ads in front of them. The great thing about pay per click is that it tends to convert extremely well (people are searching for what you sell after all). You can also optimise your spend so areas that are doing well can really be pushed while poor performers can either be improved or down weighted.

What it also does is:

  • Increase revenue over time
  • Decrease your customer acquisition costs (when done well)
  • Improve the reach of your brand

Why You Should Do PPC?:  Many of the world’s largest brands in the world rely on paid search traffic to bring in visitors and sales. In fact for some it can make up over 50% of their total monthly revenue. For you as a small to medium sized business in the UK it means increasing your revenue or leads. Frankly if your business relies solely on offline marketing or has a weak online presence you’re majorly missing out on opportunity. Every single visitor coming through the search engine is qualified as they’re searching for a product or service. This means you’re likely to convert and generate revenue through this channel (if done correctly).


  1. Audit – The initial audit of the paid search account is to see whether it needs to be restructured. Many small businesses do not have the correct structure and are literally waste thousands of pounds due to it! We will review your account and spot areas where we can make a big impact immediately… and if we can’t, we’re totally transparent about it. We’re here to deliver digital results after all!
  2. Research– During this period we’ll also find keywords that you don’t currently have exposure for and come up with an action plan of how we can write the best ads and find the best landing pages.
  3. Plan– In the plan section we’ll come away with some good ideas for implementation and make a timeline of when we expect the projects to be completed.
  4. Optimisation – After completing the audit, doing the research and making the plan we will start to get to work on optimising your account. Overall we aim to help you see a lower cost of sale and more revenue coming into your account by the end of the year.

Why Do PPC With Digiresults UK? We’d love you to see the value that we offer and hope that you do.  However if you still want that extra idea of what you’ll be getting … see below:

  • Years of experience in PPC
  • Experience with brands large and small
  • Proven results for competitive keywords
  • Ongoing Consultation of Key Performance Indicators
  • Agency like value for much lower costs

How To Contact Us? 

If you like the sound of our proposal then there are a variety of ways to get in touch.

Option 1 Phone Call (Preferred)  0750 492 9580

Option 2 Email

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