PPC Brand Bidding Advice: Advantages, Disadvantages & Tips

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Not sure whether to bid on your brand for ppc terms? Seen other companies do it but not sure how it works? No fear, this little guide should help clear up any doubts and let you know whether it’s right for you. Advantages Prevents Competitors Stealing Traffic One of the main advantages to run pay [...]

5 Quick Wins For Paid Search Marketers

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  So you’ve just been tasked to clean up a clients paid search account and you’ve got some looming deadlines? Don’t panic! The great thing about PPC and digital marketing in general is the fact you have vast amounts of data to work with. Use this to your advantage and you will be getting pats [...]

Why You Shouldn’t do SEO Before You’ve Reached Product Market Fit


SEO these days is very tough … Emphasis on the very. This harsh reality is that even large businesses with big budgets can’t guarantee success. However in this article I’ll be referring to startups, In either tech, retail or b2b. This may be a controversial post and I expect it to be within the SEO [...]

The Main Pivots in an ECommerce Businesses to Grow Revenue


E-commerce is one business model that changes constantly. There are seasonal changes such as Christmas that can make a business and nulls in Jan that can also kill it. This means you have to be responsive and ensure that you’re taking advantage of your best months. You can’t control everything but once you know what [...]

PPC As A Brand Awareness Tool


  Many businesses have traditionally in the past used paid search advertising as a tool to generate revenue & profit. This is especially true for those in product/e-commerce related businesses as many are well aware of margins, stock quantity and cost of sale. However e-commerce and in particular the marketing practice of SEO is becoming [...]