Hello everyone my name is Edward but call me Ted If you want to. I’m experienced in all things in online marketing. Experience in the industry over the past three years has allowed me to become specialised in getting your brand seen online. This is through the usage of SEO, Social Media and Blog publishing.

How I Got Into E-Marketing?

I first got into SEO when I made a gaming website in college and realised I needed to be found online. This got me researching page titles, keywords and content. After a while I ventured into affiliate marketing and started writing reviews that garnered commissions from the Amazon marketplace. This saw me rank some competitive key phrases and garner some nice traffic.

Later on this enabled me to get recruited for an award winning digital marketing agency in Manchester. I was working on some pretty large clients that had budgets of over £10,000 per month in solely SEO. My tasks were writing content, infographic marketing and link building. During this time I ranked some competitive holiday keywords and was recognised as a key team member.

What I Can Do For You

Now I’m freelance the time Is to work on clients of my own (you), and help you implement a solid online marketing strategy whether that’s SEO, Social Media or regular blog post submissions. Working with me will see your traffic, social media reputation and readers increase over time.

How To Contact Me?

I’m open to all forms of communication and you can contact me on either email, Skype or Mobile. You can be sure to get a response from me within 24 hours. All forms of communication are left below and I look forward to working with you.


Emailtedp.biz@gmail.com & workwithme@digiresults.co.uk

Skype – tedp.biz

Mobile – 07504929580